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03-02-2013, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
Weisbrod definitely needs to shoulder some blame here. But, this falls more so on Feaster. At the end of the day, Feaster is the man in charge. I'm a general manager to, if I make a poor decision at work I don't blame my staff. I'm the one in charge, and everyone is relying on me to make sure I have all my basis's covered.

I like Weisbrod, if Feaster goes I would expect either him or Burke to be named our GM.
There have been some very interesting articles written and many believe Feaster and his team if not right had a very good case to win this in court.

This is a weird paragraph. It says if a player is already signed, but plays in Europe after the start of the NHL season, then 13.23 applies. But if he’s an unsigned RFA, plays in Europe after the start of the season, and then signs in the middle of the season, then 13.23 doesn’t apply. Why prevent the signed player from returning, but not the freshly signed player? Is that really what the 2013 clause is trying to say? Who knows. But that is literally what it says and it’s not ambiguous. (Why they changed the rule in this way is another question, and not at all clear; but the literal meaning of the rule is clear. O’Reilly doesn’t have to clear waivers, because he was a mid-season signing.)
If true then Feaster and Weisbrod both deserve the same amount of praise as **** they got from many of us including myself.

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