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03-02-2013, 03:57 PM
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I can understand the motivation for 2 wild cards in each conferences; it allows for a 5th-place team from a stronger division to make the playoffs some years.

However, in some other years only 3 teams could make it from the stronger division because the 5th-place team in the weaker division can nip out a slightly better 4th-place team of the stronger division because of an easier schedule. That is especially true with the parity in the league and the number of 3 point games causing so many teams being separated by only a few points in the middle of the conference-wide standings.

Beyond that, I hope they drop this wild-card idea because it means:
1. on average, there will be 6 divisional playoff series in the first round instead of 8 (although still better than the current average of about 4)
2. there won't be 4 true divisional playoff champions every season.

It's still an improvement over the current 6-division format though, and I am glad they appear to be keeping the idea of every team having to show up at every other team's barn at least once each year.

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