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07-20-2006, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by hunjeebakala View Post
you're kidding right?
Yes. I also hope the poster who listed Perez as 5.09ft was kidding. Who in their right mind would believe he's 5ft if you saw him play this year? Serioulsy, you have to be aware that the 5ft and 168lbs figures are wrong even if you don't know that much about hockey, somewhere, somehow you must have ssen him play this year.

Originally Posted by Habsy View Post
That is incorrect. hockeydb has that wrong, have seen that before. Check NHLPA, NHL etc. He is not 5'9".
The listing , as I understood it, was under 5.1ft.
Of course it's incorrect. it's an insult to everyone's intelligence to post that crap. Really, use your head, don;t believe everything you read on the internet, sheesh.

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