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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Aside from leaving his feet, which we agree he did, I still think it would've been charging even if he stayed on his feet. I understand that you play your opoonent hard, but he's another man, and the consequences of hits like that become bigger than the game for the person getting hit a lot of the time. I guess what I'm getting at is that I wish Z would have exercised some more discretion there. I took the long way around to making that point, but there it is I guess.

Why is it obvious to let up when you're checking a guy facing the boards because he's vulnerable, but not obvious to let up on a guy at the blueline when he's vulnerable from playing a puck near his feet? What's the real difference?
Head/spine injuries / potential paralysis. If you pile-drive a guy head/neck first into the boards, he's got no way to absorb the contact. All the force of the hit drives through his head / neck. You could kill a man if you did it in just the wrong way.

Big open ice hits are much different, as they usually don't involve the head/neck and even when you accidently hit the head, it's not like you're crunching the guy's head straight into something. He goes flying backwards, but that mitigates the force.

If you're holding a grape between your pointer finger and thumb and a bring my hand forward and punch the grape out of your hand, it will go flying and hit the ground, the skin might even be scraped, but it'll probably still be in-tact. If you're holding a grape and I bring both my hands together and "clap" with the grape right in the middle, the grape is going to be squished badly.

That's basically the difference.

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