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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
I'm aware that the potential injuries are different. But I don't think that constitutes a real distinction between the two, as the essence of the situation is the same in both cases. Namely, why does a players responsibility to avoid uneccesarily dangerous plays end at the boards/neck injuries? Just look at Savard as an example of how much trauma can be effected with out making contact with the boards.
You make some fair points. At the end of the day though, the NHL realizes there's still danger in open ice hits, but there's more danger in boarding, so they've tried to eliminate boarding and crack down on open ice hits some, but not enough that big hits are totally out of the game. It's a tough balancing act IMO but I think they've done a decent job balancing the on ice product w/ player safety.

I think another large distinction with boarding is that you're hitting a guy directly from behind. He could be doing everything right, he could have his head up and be trying to make a good hockey play and you could completely crunch him without him ever seeing it coming. In most gigantic open ice hits, the player being hit shares some of the onus. Very rarely/never is a player crushed from behind in the open ice. Big open ice hits are usually the result of someone skating along the blue line or cruising the neutral zone with their head down.

I also wanted to copy/paste this from another thread (credit to dingbathero):
Originally Posted by dingbathero View Post

skate on ice, shoulder to shoulder, hit to head in from follow thru.
What do you think about the Harry Z hit now?

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