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Originally Posted by Sec108 View Post
If I was WR or Boughner even though I put out a bid to host I would secretly call Branch and tell him to shove the hosting right up his deriere.

Then quietly sell the team while there is still money in Ontario and write a tell all book on the real way the OHL is run.Make it shock alot of people.

Say what really went down with this sanctions crap and how the league looks the other way on some teams and others it demonizes.Through dirty politics and game officiating and stifleing free speech.

Not going to happen , but wish it would.
My wish would be to sell the team, but then start up a Canadian equivalent to the US-NTDP, give top 16 and 17 yr old Canadian kids who are considering the NCAA a high level place to play for a couple years until the reach college age. I think a lot of the kids who get drafted at 16 into the OHL almost have to play in the CHL otherwise they have to play down a level for a couple years and stunt their development and head into their NHL draft year playing tier two. Top American kids can play on the U18 team and keep their college eligibility.

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