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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
A) Why didn't he ask the nhl? If it became public that that was the rule other teams could take advantage of it and so Feaster would be stupid to point it out

B) Why didn't he tell ROR agent? If he mentioned it to anyone it would be public and could end up costing Feaster a shot at ROR again it would be stupid to do it.

Given that more and more people believe that this is in fact a loop hole and the NHLPA would be on Feaster's side it is a pretty sure bet he did know the rule and was exposing it for his advantage.

What seems more likely, Feaster an experienced GM and lawyer and his legal team look at every rule regarding RFA's to maximize the effect of their offer sheet except this one or the sportsnet reporter who is not a lawyer mistook the rule and many people just piled on?
That seems a little far-fetched.

Why would the NHL disclose the information to everyone else? They are impartial. Why would the player agent? Everyone was working under the assumption that they could offersheet O'Rielly (it has been reported more teams were pursuing him). Revealing the rule would have caused them to doubt their decision; I doubt that's what the agent wants. How does this affect Ryan O'Rielly who actually wanted to play with the Flames and would have a better opportunity here than anywhere else in the league.

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