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12-20-2003, 03:52 PM
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[QUOTE=Cuiffitelli]Is this the same group of posters who argued against me when I said that the Flyers could not beat Ott or NJ in the playoffs last year? Is this the same group who swore that last years team was good enough to win the cup……QUOTE]

Did you have insight as to who the Flyers would play in the first round and how brutal it would be? How bad did the Senators beat the Flyers? If not for the Toronto series could the Flyers beat the Sens?

Or do you just say something negative and because only ONE team can win it all and it wasn't the Flyers you have the gift of seeing the future? Did you know we could beat the Leafs? If they had beaten the Sens and lost to the Devil's would you be bragging about how you said they couldn't beat the Sens and Devils? Or would you just say the Devils?

The easiest thing to be is negative.