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Originally Posted by delchief View Post
Been a long time Sens fan and I am always on the lookout for lack-of-toughness issues because of those early 2000s teams who were skilled but got pushed around. That was on Jacques Martin. He ALWAYS thought taking the power play made up for turning the other cheek. In his mind there was no such thing as the team sticking up for itself.

There is NO WAY IN HELL this team is like that. You guys saying it doesn't make it so. Let's be honest, boys. The thing this team lacks is scoring talent. They are abysmal at creating and finishing chances.

But toughness? Come on. Nobody "pushed us around" today. The Flyers played a hard-hitting home game, no question, but so what? Who got pushed around? Lundin? Sure, with an illegal hit to the head. And that was responded to repeatedly with Zac Rinaldo turning down fight after fight. The Sens went nuts trying to "respond" and it cost them penalties.

All I ask is for an honest look at the game. If you simply want a team full of fighters so you can raise your manhood quotient just say so. This team is killing itself for the fans and squeezing every ounce of talent out of a virtually talentless roster.

We lose 2-1 in a hard-fought game and suddenly we're a bunch of girl scouts???
No one is denying that the lack of talent is an issue, they are just asserting that lack of toughness is also an issue. Obviously the lack of skill is the much more prevalent issue though.

I agree that we need to commend the Senators for getting the most out of their roster. But with that stated just like improving the skill level would make the Senators more effective, so would increasing the toughness level.

It is also quite surprising the amount of ad hominem responses that are occurring to anyone who is an advocate of improving the toughness of this organization. But then again ad hominem attacks generally occur when individuals lack a valid rebuttal.

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