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12-20-2003, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by flyercide
I am not sure I like this trade. I have nothing against Comrie I just don't see how he is going to fit in here. Where is he going to play? He Isnt going to post the kinda numbers he had in Edmonton without first line icetime that's for darn sure. Plus now he's on a defensive first conscious coached team. Can he play defensively? If he can play solid defense than maybe it will turnout alright. I missed this trade when it went down & just learned today that we got him. Trading Woywitka, tough defenseman which we need with decent skills supposably, & a 1st seems like a lot to pay to me. Would have much rather traded Seidenberg who could have probably played & made impact with Edmonton right off the bat but might never get a chance with the Flyers.
The Flyers don't play as defensively stagnant a system as you might think. That's part of what hurt them against NJ. They do take offensive chances pretty consistently, whereas NJ doesn't push the offense very often. They started the season scoring quite a bit. It's Comries speed that will make him very valuable. Speed to go on offense in transition and speed to get back on defense.

Draft picks aren't the hardest things to get a hold of. Would you have given up Pitkanen for Fedotenko? Will you still have a problem if Edmonton picks the next Daigle? For all anyone knows those picks will be some other teams before the draft. Maybe even the Flyers.