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Hey guys, here's a message I wrote in the Lounge thread of the main board, but I'd like to try it here and see what else you could add to it....Thanks for the answers!

Hi to everybody,

I'm from the Montreal area and is just looking for a nice destination for our vacations that will take place between August 11th to 24th. Here are what I'm looking for:

1 - Warmest beaches possible (I understand that you go south and it's all great, but you'll see my other point that is coming....I am from Montreal and not willing to go THAT far.
2- Nothing more than a 12-hour ride (Which then exclude Florida but what else is out there???)
3- Great destination for a young family (Kids are 3 and 6, so aside from the beach, what else can we do with kids of that age)
4- Nice setting (With a Wow factor, something really nice and beautiful where you really feel that you've been to a special place. I know that everybody has an opinion but if most have the same, it has to be counted for something)
5- Chepeast accomodation possible (Probably a condo or something like that, an accomodation with a small kitchen with the idea of cookking our own stuff instead of going to the resto every day, especially if we stay 2 weeks.
6- Lastly.....what should I be avoiding (Whether it's because it's too busy, not exactly tourist oriented, cold weather and beaches and so on. I keep hearing how Ogunquit is really beautiful but you can't never swim in those incredible beaches as it's awfully cold all the time etc.)

I know it's a lot and I know that it's getting late as far as accomodations and everything so I would appreciate everything people can bring to the discussion.

Thanks in advance!

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