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03-02-2013, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by camcool21 View Post
U: Delusional Devils fans saying that the Sabres were gooning it up...

- Within the first minute of the game, Clarkson went straight from the bench and coaxed Ott into a fight. Clarkson is lucky he didn't get the instigator, as Ott had nothing to do with him until Clarkson approached him, and challenged him.

- Kovalchuk was at least as guilty as Kaleta in their exchanges. When they left the penalty box, Kovalchuk went after Kaleta immediately, and slashed him (which went uncalled), and then only moments later, went up high on Kaleta with his stick (which was called). I saw people on the Devils board saying that "Kaleta went right after Kovalchuk leaving the penalty box." Time to take off the rose colored glasses and forget your preconceived notions of Kaleta, and actually watch what happened. If anything, Kocalchuk "gooned it up" with his questionable stick work.

- Ennis was boarded twice without a call. Probably the most dangerous play in hockey. Porter got called with a weak board (from the side, and I don't even think the guy went into the boards).

- There was a sequence where Clarkson gave Miller a shot to the back of the head/upper back region, after Miller freezed the puck. Ott responded by pushing Clarkson out of the crease forcefully. I'd say both players were equally guilty in that exchange.

- I'll admit Regher got away with a cross check on Kovalchuk later in the game. I don't think he intended for Kovy to fall so hard though. Just a bump when the puck went by. I think Kovy was just surprised, and that is what caused him to fall so violently. Definitely should have been a penalty though.

- I will also admit that in the exchange between Henrique and Ennis at the end of the OT period, Ennis initiated the contact. Henrique definitely retaliated though. I would call this exchange a draw in terms of guilt. Just a typical skirmish. Ennis did have a right to shoot it though. The buzzer hadn't gone yet. I don't see how shooting it with time left on the clock is unsportsmanlike.

In conclusion, I don't know what game they were watching, but it shows me that people will see what they want to see. People just got mad at Ott and Kaleta based on their reputations, and not based on what was happening on the ice.
Ott and Kaleta get people mad because they do what they do best and it helped us.

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