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03-02-2013, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by camcool21 View Post
- I'll admit Regher got away with a cross check on Kovalchuk later in the game. I don't think he intended for Kovy to fall so hard though. Just a bump when the puck went by. I think Kovy was just surprised, and that is what caused him to fall so violently. Definitely should have been a penalty though.

- I will also admit that in the exchange between Henrique and Ennis at the end of the OT period, Ennis initiated the contact. Henrique definitely retaliated though. I would call this exchange a draw in terms of guilt. Just a typical skirmish. Ennis did have a right to shoot it though. The buzzer hadn't gone yet. I don't see how shooting it with time left on the clock is unsportsmanlike.
I agree with your overall statement and most of your points. I saw these two differently, though.

Regehr's cross check on Kovalchuk wasn't just a bump. Should've been called. Penalty all the way, and the officiating was bad all night... and they missed an obvious penalty.

Ennis - Henrique: both were just gliding toward each other. Ennis went up high on the push, and Henrique knocked him down. Henrique wasn't taking offense to the shot - he didn't make a bee-line to Ennis. Just one of those things that happens when two players skating toward each other won't back down. Devils fans are calling Ennis cheap. Good for Tyler. Good to see he won't let players back him down.

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