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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well, that didn't stop Toronto from trying to decapitate everyone of our guys at every opportunity, and he wasn't the reason why Boston put a beatdown on guys like Pyatt, Spacek and Hammer.

Why I think it's a good thing for PK to be a pest is that not only did he get under opponents's skin by yapping away at them, but unlike your typical pest, he is extremely gifted, so the guys had a very tough time catching him and he has a very good ability to roll off incoming opponents to nullify their hits. So he got even more annoying than just your regular pest.

I will agree on one thing, not being a pest attracts less attention. But I think he did a very good job at getting under the opposition's skin in previous years, and we had less guys that could back him up.

Not saying he needs to go back to those ways, but I wouldn't mind if he did. Always fun to watch the opposition get frustrated.
guess Pyatt, Hammer and Space isnt enough, let's add Subban to the list

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