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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Im trying to understand your logic of playing .500 hockey now and making the playoffs. If they play .500 in the next 6 there sitting at 29 points in 29 games. Leaving 19 games in the season. If they play .500 in those 19 there at 47 points for the year which is 10 points below the 57 projected to make the playoffs. This puts them in the 12th to 14th area at the current pace.

Now if they play .500 like you suggest in the next 6 where are they? At 29 points they will need 28 points in 19 games or winning 14 of the last 19. Where this season have they proven this is remotelt possible. In there last 10 at home they are 5-2-3 and thats then good news on the road the last 10 there 4-5-1.

Right now with 27 games to go they will need to play .600 to make the 57 points. If they play .500 the next 6 they will need to play .730 to hit that mark. Using your words "It is utterly ridiculous" to imagine this team can pull off .600 or .730 hockey the remainder of the year. Right now they are at .430 and only in contention due to the OT games they have picked up points in.

If you consider that every team will be playing there best hockey going down the streach it is still hard to see a seceniro where the Preds outplay the west by such a large margin to get in. This team is just not that good.
You need to go back and read my post- I didn't say we would make the playoffs by playing .500 hockey the rest of the season. I said if we play .500 hockey over the next brutal 9 game stretch, we will be very much in contention for a playoff spot with a favorable final 18 game schedule. That's it.

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