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Originally Posted by SoupGuru View Post
And that's what really bothers me. I don't know why any of you are so passionate about your dislike of some of our players. It's hatred. It's baffling. We're supposed to be fans. We can have opinions and disagree and even dislike some things, but to actually hate one of your own players is not right.

There's no prize for hating Cleary the most but yet it seems like you guys are trying to outdo each other. "I hate Cleary a lot!" "No, I hate Cleary more!" "I hate Cleary like I hate herpes!" Lately it's been a competition around here to see who can hate Cleary the most.

It's disgusting because it's "passionate".
It's disgusting when people with low reading comprehension make up garbage about other people's opinions.

In your zest to gall people "disgusting," you totally created a strawman argument.

I don't hate Cleary. I don't want him on Datsyuk's line. Seeing him on Datsyuk's line is frustrating, as a fan. And I don't want him back.
I don't hate Abdelkader. I don't want him anywhere near the PP and Datsyuk's line.
He's a fourth liner. Period. In case of injuries, you move him up as far as you have to.

In this case, line 2 is way too far when you can still but Tatar on line 2.

Pavel Datsyuk is the #1 reason why I watch hockey games. Cleary and Abdelkader on line 2 is bad for the Red Wings, and it's bad for my enjoyment of the game.

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