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03-02-2013, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
Difference being that you can play and go to college at the same time in the states. Here, you finish playing in the OHL to get 4-5 years paid for and you're 21 years old heading to college, and will graduate when you're 24-25.
Almost certain you can start your post secondary education while still playing in the CHL. You can then pick up playing university when your OHL days are done and still graduate at the usual age.

Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
I also think the OHL is in the wrong how it screws over the top players - if you sign a pro-contract than your education package is voided. I think that's bush given you play in the ohl and earn a year of tuition for every year you play in the league - but if a player plays pro than he played for free those four years in the OHL? So the good players, the ones who put the butts in the seats, can't get any special treatment while they're on the team but in reality their teammates who cash in on their scholarships were paid 3-4K a year, whereas the pro-player essentially got nothing? All players get the same coaching and opportunities and perks, but a Kevin Lanoe gets 20K for his time hear, and Adam Henrique got nothing?
I don't necessarily disagree with you but I would say:

- Players who end up playing pro do get some compensation. They get a stipend (peanuts) and room and board. That's probably worth 4-5k year.

- Players who do not play pro get that 4-5k per year plus another 8+k a year for university.

It's not the Henriques of the world I feel sorry for, it's the Marcus Smith's (former Ranger, did some night school with him at York) who could have had a chance to play pro but it wasn't guaranteed. He couldn't risk losing the scholarship so couldn't risk going to the Marlies tryouts.

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