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Originally Posted by MisterDB View Post
Pre selling tickets is a marketing tool used by many teams to show the selection committee they have fan support. Kingston did this back in 08 when they bid, course they had no chance but still they used this common tactic.
I can see them doing it in Kingston with the poor attendance to show support they have but in London where they sellout, c'mon they would have to show support.This is pure arrogance that its already in the bag.

@Kanuck.....the only reason Missy got it was because they put up the extra million if I remember right plz correct me if Im wrong and also the owner was a good friend of King Branch.Its all about the $$$$$$$ !!!!!!! And it was about screwing Windsor over the league didnt want Windsor to threepeat, which we had the horses to do that season also.

Don't worry Branch, Windsor has a long memory that's one reason I hope we do get it just so we can chant "Branch YOU Suck" when he hands out the cup.Won't that sound good across the country on Sportsnet in HD yet.LOL!!!!

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