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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I hate to break it to you, but this has been an integral part of NHL discussion for the upper end of a decade now. It's not gonna go away.
dude, we understand the salary cap. but in reality its about the game. He's just makin a point that not everyone is obsessed with the cap and money side of it. I realize most people are but not everybody is. i'm mid 30's and when i started watching hockey i didn't know what they made. they didn't release that stuff back then. i understand there's a cap. but don't act like it doesn't poison your ability to accurately judge whether a player is performing well in the context of their individual situation. team as a whole, strength of opponents, schedule, comfort level, whatever. sounds like your not watching players your watching actual dollar figures skating round out there. which sounds pretty lame and depressing. its all "here's what he makes, here's what his save percentage and goals against should be" regardless of any variables. I think that's where this frustration is coming from. i know he makes a lot (they all do). especially for us. but he is the best goalie we've had since late 80's hextall, right? like almost 25 years? so we paid for him. and he's an enormous part of our team. that's why i don't care. i hated going through a goalie a season. and i think were getting our money's worth. he plays every game for christ's sake. and we are still a sloppy team. i watched a blues game the other night. that was some disciplined robotic ****. were young and inconsistent. that's the big factor to me.

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