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03-02-2013, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
No Rudy tonight. Bargs and Fields into the starting lineup, Amir to C, Jonas to the bench.

and did I hear Leo count Anderson as a good, positive bench contributor during the pre-game?

What the hell is wrong with the basketball world?

Anderson's last 10 games:

vs Ind: 14 points on 6-12 (0-4 from 3-point range)
@ Cle: 4 points on 2-5 (0-2 from 3pt)
vs Wsh: 4 pts on 0-4 (0-2 from 3pt)
vs NY: 4 pts on 1-8 (0-1 from 3pt)
vs Mem: 19 pts on 6-7 (4-5 from 3pt)
@ Wsh: 5 pts on 1-9 (1-5 from 3pt)
@ NY: 26 pts on 10-16 (6-8 from 3pt)
vs Den: 10 pts on 4-7 (2-3 from 3pt)
vs NO: 11 pts on 4-12 (1-2 from 3pt)
@ Ind: 0 pts on 0-1 (0-1 from 3pt)

Memphis game aside, he only scores when he cranks up a ton of shots and is successful from 3-point range. And except for the Pacers game in Indy, he never played less than 13 minutes and usually played 20+.

This is not "good". This is a chucker/volume scorer. This is the opposite of "good".
The only reason he's playing over Ross is because he's old lol. Ridiculous that a scrub like AA gets better treated than our 8th overall pick

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