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03-02-2013, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by vcv View Post
Sarcasm or...?

I don't understand why you would call them idiots for trying to win.
i call them idiots out of my general distaste for a majority of the roster. obviously they are going to try to win. doesn't change the fact that i don't want them to win.

Originally Posted by Dubi Doo View Post

The only reason I was hoping for a crap season was in hopes Ruff would get fired. That has already happened.

While I would love to get a top prospect, I want this team to win. I want to see this team start to develop. The Sabres already have some top notch prospects, and with their drafting, I'm sure they'll get another nice prospect in this draft. I also believe Regier is going to get some picks at the trade deadline. Moving up is a decent possibility, imo.

I still think they'll end up with a top 5 pick, so I'm numb to wins and losses right now, but I want progress!
did you read the thread title?

Originally Posted by Fly Boy View Post
If only we were still the worst team in the east, and 2nd worst team in the league based on points. Ohh wait.....
not according to

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