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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I voted Makarov. My reasoning:

1) They were equals in the Canada Cups. Bossy did what he did in the superior league, but Makarov ROFLMAOwned the Soviet league at the time, so I honestly don't see what more Makarov could have done domestically other than be born somewhere else.

2) Makarov was easily the best forward in Europe in the 1980s, and we saw how well the Europeans did in the NHL after communism fell.

3) 1+2 make it tough to figure out who was better in his prime, but Makarov has a substantial advantage over Bossy in terms of longevity. This is the justification for picking Makarov.

4) I'll be honest - given the history of the history board (how's that for meta?), I expected Bossy to win this poll easily, which made it easier for me to vote for Makarov. I'm honestly surprised the voting is so close. But I don't think it's unreasonable to vote for either one. Bossy is obviously a more known commodity.
This is my line of thinking as well pretty much.

As much as it's hard to figure out the individual value of each player on that Russian 5 man Unit, most would agree that Makarov was the best.

I'm not sure that Makarov would have scored as much in the 80's NHL as Bossy did, but I'm also not convinced that Bossy's career would ahve been nearly as good is he hadn't slipped to 15th in the 77 draft and a perfect position for him by playing shotgun to Trottier and on those stacked NYI teams.

I would take Makarov in the poll today but these guys are very close and I'm open to changing my opinion on them.

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