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Originally Posted by TheBunk View Post
Totally disagree. I thought it was a good decision and should have helped spark the bench. He belted the hell out of his opponent and the bench didn't respond. This is a part of his exact role and he did it well. I honestly get tired of the criticism; he did his job and it was up to the team to respond, which they didn't. Lay blame there as there is plenty to go around in today's game.
Originally Posted by Damascus View Post
I disagree too. I was wired as **** after that fight and had I been playing, I would have danced around them Caps.

But seriously, the bench should have been energized but they weren't.
The question is:
How does the fight inspire one bench more than the other?

I think of it along the lines of pulling the goalie.
It's a risk/reward type move; I guess we can always argue over greyscales and that guess I'm guilty of the ol' hindsight is 20/20.
In the end the whole belief that it only benefits one side is erroneous.

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