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Originally Posted by Tonka View Post Tyler Seguin scored his whopping 4th goal of the year.

That's right- the media, and many Leafs "fans" would be all over Kessel and ripping the guy left and right over every opportunity they could get. I barely hear anything on the radio about it. Sure there has been the odd speculation of trading him for Perry or his next contract but there isn't much attention especially since Kessel just played two very weak games against the NYI and Habs. Possibly his softest games since the debaucle with Rotten Ronnie...and there was a tonne of media coverage over that.

But if the prodigy, Tyler "thank-you Kessel" Seguin had been playing at even an average production rate, Kessel would be pig roast by now thanks to Schimmonds and co.

Sure, it helps the Leafs are winning a bit more but even at the same pace and let's say Tyler "thank-you Kessel" Seguin had about 8-9 goals- que the bar-b-que. All we would be hearing is oh what could have been...Seguin would have made this team into a legit contender, says so Steve Schimmonds.
I never disliked the trade because we got a very young Kessel who is still the best player out of the lot. If we had drafted Kessel and he became the player he is today, many will be very happy, but because we traded for him, somehow he is crap.

For a supposedly labelled franchise superstar centre Seguin sure is enjoying his time being sheltered on the wing. Was Toews ever sheltered on the wing? Or Joe Thornton? Even our own up-and-coming Kadri is playing centre right now, learning the ropes of what it means to play a complete game, sharpening his craft in the face-off circle AND leading his team in scoring...but "the franchise" Tyler Seguin can't beat out the other Bruins' centres to play centre.

I'll take Kessel with his amazing speed, play-making and goal-scoring abilities, and shot over Seguin any day.

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