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03-02-2013, 09:30 PM
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Atrocious effort tonight. The puck pursuit was shameful. A lot of dump and very little chase. Monsters lost lots of offensive zone puck battles. Had about five or six shifts of sustained pressure and some good chances, probably two in each period. A lot of icing whistles. They got killed in the faceoff circle. No secondary help when the puck was actually carried in. A really bad effort in front of a pretty decent crowd.

As for some observations...

Major props to Gabriel Beaupre. Zack Stortini threw a slightly late hit on Gaunce following a faceoff in the defensive zone. Beaupre stalked Stortini into the neutral zone and fought him. He actually held his own too. Was also the most physical Monster in the defensive zone. One of the few who seemed to care tonight.

The other Monster who really came to play was van der Gulik. A yeoman-like effort from him. He was the only good forward tonight. Tried to lead by example but nobody followed.

Markus Lauridsen continues to show great instincts.

Calvin Pickard played well, but his rebound control was not as good as it has been in recent games I've seen. He made two outstanding saves after it was already 2-0. One with the glove on Stortini after a rebound and one on a two on one. Guy shot it into his chest, but his positioning was spot on. The first goal was a screen shot that I believe was tipped in front. Either way, it was a bit of a knuckler on the way to the net. The second one was an easy rebound finish with no Monster watching the back post. Neither one was his fault.

Gotta ***** about Chynoweth here. The dump and chase very obviously wasn't working. The Bulldogs defensemen were starting their pivot before the puck was even dumped. Yet the Monsters never made an adjustment. Guys like Thomas and VDG picked up on it in the third and started carrying it in, but for the most part, it was dump, somewhat chase, one pass, and out of the zone. The shot totals are a little exaggerated thanks to the powerplays, especially the last one, which became a 6 on 4.

Agozzino was on a line with Sutherby and Geoff Walker. Why? With Sgarbossa out, you've gotta generate offense from somewhere. Agozzino should have been with VDG and Thomas.

Some credit here definitely belongs to Tokarski. The Monsters had a couple of good shifts after killing a Stollery penalty in the first minute of the game. Most of the chances went wide, but Tokarski was excellent down on the ice in the butterfly.

Luke Walker looks like he's handling a grenade when the puck is on his stick. It's kind of painful to watch. He looks lost.

Sad effort. Tomorrow's definitely a game they need since Rochester has four games in hand and is only two points back.

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