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Originally Posted by Rune Forumwalker View Post
Isn't that what rebuilding teams do, though? Acquire young players AND older veterans with something to prove. Is that not what the Rangers did a few years ago when they were rebuilding?

I agree with you, it's just that it's not as big of a deal as people want to make it out to be. Ideally though this is two trades: one that acquires the under-performing veteran for not much of value, and a second that deals a soon to be UFA for picks and prospects.

It will make this trade look a whole lot better if Morrow is traded (and Roy too, if he can't be re-signed) for a decent return.
You ignored the meat of the argument. I said the fact he was a veteran didn't mean anything ... the fact that he's struggled and could be on the downside of his career is a significant risk. I hope he's good to go, but when a guy is in his mid-30's and struggling ... the logical question to ask is this the beginning of the end. Dallas doesn't think it is ... and hopefully they are right. Otherwise they just made an $8 million gamble they won't be able to get rid of ... and in this case he isn't an asset you acquired for nothing like you did with Whitney. You traded a valuable asset for him so it's an even bigger risk than Whitney.

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