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03-02-2013, 09:55 PM
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2013: Stanley Cup (pittsburgh)

You may say it's early..

Maybe it's too soon.

But hey, it is March after all.

The 2013 stanley will no doubt be won amongst controversy. No doubt your beer buddies who are fans of Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver will lay excuses upon you... Should you're Montreal Canadiens win the great cup.

"It was a shortened season, it's not a real cup win"

"My team traditionally starts slow and then picks it up, because of the shortened season you're team didn't really win the cup"

" You just watch next real season we will see where your team really stands."

Well after watching the Habs play Pittsburgh tonight. I can tell you that they are no joke. We scored six check'em six goals against Pittsburgh. We must not be for real. Otherwise we wouldn't of lost to Pittsburgh tonight. Then again from a Hab fan prospective, we're also going to lose to Boston tomorrow. Without a doubt we will. Trade Price he let in six goals fan's will shout.

Listen. This team is great. It is typical of Pittsburgh to forget about defense and just go NUTS . it's a cool game plan, because then we forget about defense and go NUTS. This is the team that will provide us with entertainment in the playoffs (yes I had the balls to assume we will be in the play-offs.

To the point of the thread

Should your Habs win the stanley cup this year (which they will of course... I've done the math... 100% chance)

How would you re-act.. I know my buddies would chirp me with the fact it wasn't a real season blah blah blah!

Would you recognize it as a real championship?

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