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Originally Posted by darko View Post
Being allergic to walks and striking out a lot takes away from his lone offensive contribution (power).
Perhaps somewhat, but I still think 30BB and 100+ K for the 20 HR and 40 extra base hits he has the potential of hitting, not to mention the 70+ RBIs, is a fair trade off.

Originally Posted by darko View Post
He's also a dreadful defender.
Fair enough. He'll be in RF, though. Not overly concerned with his overall defensive ability at that position.

Originally Posted by darko View Post
Delmon had negative WAR last season for a reason. In fact he's had negative WAR in 3 out of his 6 full seasons. Delmon Young is a horrible baseball player.
According to whose formula for WAR? WAR is a very questionable stat to use since there really isn't a standardized formula to calculate it. For example, Baseball-Reference has him at -7.7 WAR last season but a +0.3 WAR the year before, an Even WAR in 2010 and a +1.0 WAR in 2009 with a career +4.9 Offensive WAR (-8.0 Defensive WAR) and a -6.4 WAR over those 4 seasons. However, FanGraphs have him at only -0.7 last year, +0.4 for the year before, a +1.7 WAR in 2010 and a -0.9 in 2009 for a +0.5 over the same stretch of time with a career +0.8 WAR. Which one's right?

Delmon might be "a horrible baseball player", but WAR is a really bad stat to use to defend that position, IMO.

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