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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
Seguin was drafted onto a Stanley Cup winning star laden team.
This is a VERY rare thing to happen, because such talented teams rarely (if ever) come across such a high draft pick. It takes a GM making a blunder of legendary proportions for a situation like this to happen.

Thornton and Toews were both drafted onto pathetic teams lacking depth at center, so they were immediately slotted into their preferred positions.
And in regards to Kadri.... I'm literlly SHOCKED that you're trying to use him as an example. HE WAS IN THE AHL 3 YEARS AFTER BEING DRAFTED!!!! Seguin is on the 2nd line wing.
What an absurd comparison.
Oh, so he's playing sheltered minutes as a 2nd line winger, not even on the 1st line facing the opposition's best? I see.

That doesn't change the fact that Toews and Thornton are better players than Seguin, got it? I don't understand the hate people heave at Kessel because of the trade. Just because Seguin was drafted at #2 doesn't mean he's an automatic franchise player or better than Kessel -- heck David Legwand was drafted #2 overall.

Kadri was in the AHL because Wilson and Burke thought it was best for his development, though I'm sure he would have given Seguin's 22 pt rookie campaign a run for the money had he been given the chance to play with the Leafs much earlier. Burke developed Bobby Ryan the same way.

Not all drafts are the same, you have to look at a player for what they are, how they were developed and how they play, and right now Kadri (though not much older and some called a bust) is playing better than Seguin, who is supposed to be some kind of an elite franchise centre...but not playing centre. The irony.

You know what is absurd? The continual hate against Kessel!

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