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03-02-2013, 10:04 PM
Sam Pollock
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Originally Posted by Flames rebuilder View Post
Conroy would be the absolute worst GM for the Flames! Horrible situation to even consider putting him in, having to deal away his buddies. He just isn't far enough removed from being one of the boys. I want a cold, strictly business and winning orientated GM....Burke is the only real choice. The Flames would be crazy not to turn this mess into an opportunity and hire him
Sorry but Burke scares the crap out of me. I think he would have a bigger dog and pony show than anyone available to us. His ego is way too massive for my taste. Didn't we go through this with Darryl Sutter?

As for the Leafs, didn't they start last year on a great note and faded half way into the season? He's also the idiot that gave up 2 first rounders (Seguin being one of them) to Boston for Kessel. Yes Burke has a certain sexiness to his name but let him stay in Anaheim.

With Conroy, I would only have him as an interm until the off season. I wouldn't let him make any trades without consulting ownership/upper management and if he did make it to the 2013 draft, the head scout would make the drafting decisions. Craig would be gm for the short term while we look for a suitable replacement for Feaster.

As for Conroy having to deal with trading away his buddies, this would be a quick lesson that you don't have any buddies in management if you want to keep your job. Sorry but that's life and it ain't always fair. If he can't handle it, I'm sure he could get a job as a color analyst for Sportsnet or TSN.

Long term candiates for Feaster's job should be Norm MacIver (assistant gm Chicago), Jim Nill (ass. gm Detroit), Paul Fenton (ass. gm Nashville), Lorne Henning (ass. gm Vancouver), David Conte (second in command in New Jersey behind Lou) and Jason Botterill (ass. gm Pittsburgh).

If you notice one thing about the above list that they are assistant gms that come from solid organizations (some a little more so than others). Nill would be my first choice followed by Conte and MacIver. Henning and Fenton would be dark horses.

Just my thoughts and ramblings.

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