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03-02-2013, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
What can we sell though?

- Travis Moen could be worth a 2nd, at best, and there are rumours he isn't happy here.
- Bourque would have been worth something but he may be out for the season.
- Plekanec is the linchpin for our offense, not tradeable in the given situation.
- Maybe Desharnais if both Galchenyuk and Eller step up, but I'd rather convert him to wing.

On the bright side Tomas Kaberle had 2 assists tonight, went +3, and played 12:36. Looks like Therrien managed his minutes, but if so, there is no reason he should not be able to land a Zidlicky-like return.

I had several arguments in the OP of my surgical tanking thread. To reassess:
- We're not getting a top-5 pick unless we trade with Calgary
- We're unlikely to get another 1st rounder
- We are clearing cap space for the 2013 UFA season, which I predicted would be fantastic.
- We're letting some of our prospects in future. We signed a 6th/7th D (Bouillon) rather than rush Tinordi or Beaulieu to "help us win now", which is good.
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
just a question of who/what we sell...

there is value, long-term development-wise, of the team not only making the playoffs, but winning in the playoffs, even if we don't make it all the way to the cup.

I'd be more than supportive of MB leveraging some depth guys into additional top-90 picks, with the goal in mind of building a "war chest" of picks to move up in the first round or add another first round pick leading into the draft.

BUT, they'd have to be very careful not to muck up the locker room chemistry in doing so.

guys like Moen, Armstrong & Bouillion all may very well be reasonably replaced internally and/or minimally missed on the ice, but how much impact to they have in the room and how much would their departure negatively impact the environment this season needs to be weighed in.

another 3rd or even 2nd round pick wouldn't be worth self-sabotaging the team chemistry heading into the stretch run/playoffs, even if none of those guys figure promimently in the long-term plans.

Kaberle, maybe bourque, because of their contract ramifications (and to a degree, that neither are likely big influencers behind the scenes) are the prime candidates imo, but their contracts also likely mean we wouldn't be getting deadline premiums for them.

Ryder might very well be the best trade chip to dangle, and I could certainly see him be dealt come deadline if someone is crazy enough to put first+ offer on the table for him (or maybe even just a first if he doesn't manage to make himself a strong contributor before the deadline).
Only player with real value is Markov. Other vets could be packaged with him but that's pretty much all we've got to deal with now. And yes, if he'd waive his NTC I'd definitely be looking to see what I could get for him. NY, Calgary, Philly... all those teams would love to have him and I'd love to get Calgary's 1st. Too bad we didn't do it last year when we had the chance.

Edit: MT is right, Ryder could be worth something but he'd better start scoring soon.

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