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03-02-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
After Brown's hit in Montreal, the vast vast majority of leaf fans here (maybe even 100% of them) said that the ref over-reacted.
On the Habs forum however, the vast vast majority claimed that Brown AT THE VERY LEAST deserved a 5 and a game.
My point?
People dramatically underestimate how badly bias affects their opinions.

Which is why I'm VERY skeptical when someone says something like "I trust my own eyes over those well researched statistics".

Kessel has decent vision, an excellent wrist shot, and great speed.
When he's "on", those strengths and his overall production outweigh his weaknesses.
But when he's "off", his weaknesses are a flat out liability for the team.

And those well researched stats prove that... regardless of how leaf fans biased "eyes" respond to those statistics.

If Kessel could EVER find consistency in his game, he'd be much more of a legitimate star player.
But it's now been 7 years and inconsistency seems to be a theme.
If he wants anything over 6 million, let him walk.
It's funny I have to argue more with my leaf brethren about how biased they are against their own players than my level headed friends who are senators, habs and so on fans. Yea I'm a leaf fan but I always try to do a fair assessment, and call out players even in their good times.

As I said, this isn't baseball. This is hockey, and if Corsi was such a major contribution why aren't other teams using it extensively as the canucks are apparently?


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