Thread: Value of: Ben Eager to the Habs
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03-02-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
How is he not the same player? Sure, he doesn't fight, but he doesn't take the dumb penalities anymore either. If anything, he is a better player now because he still intimidates through throwing huge hits, but he is harder to get off of his game.
He is not the same player because he is not as intimidating as he used to be. A guy who was able to hit you however he wanted and then fight you is more intimidating than a guy who simply throws hits and doesn't back it up. He is also not as fast as he used to be, so his big hits can be avoided more than they used to be. Again, he is a useful player, but he is nothing special. He is a big body that throws himself at people. He is a bigger White, a less useful Prust, a simple 4th liner that can be replaced by someone younger, cheaper, and willing to use his knuckles.

I am not sure why this has become such an argument. He is what he is, a 4th line energy guy with size. Nothing special. Simple reality, nothing more.

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