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Originally Posted by Dekar View Post
Exactly. He swallowed almost every puck that went his way, and the ones that he didn't, he deflected into the corners or to his defensemen, and he played pucks for his defense like he was one himself. Like most games he plays in.

He had a ton of bad luck, bad bounces, and bad defense this game. The only difference between this game and any other was the luck factor.

Here's a breakdown of the night's goals on Price. You can call them excuses all you want, but you can't fairly deny how true they are:

Goal 1
- shot by Letang to the far side
- bounces off Emelin's skate
- right to Sutter
- Price was already trying to deflect the shot to the far corner and unfortunately left the short side wide open
- you cannot anticipate deflections

Goal 2
- Crosby shot, grabbed his rebound, and continued behind the net
- Price slid out to cut off his angle and scrambled to get back in front
- Crosby stops on a dime behind the net
- Crosby makes a quick pass to Kunitz following him
- Price is checking the far side for a split-second to prevent a wraparound and check where Crosby is
- Kunitz one-times Crosby's pass and it hits Price as he's coming back to the short side
- that goal was all Crosby

Goal 3
- Price is doubly-screened by Neal right in front, and by Plekanec trying to block Cooke's shooting lane
- Cooke tosses a wrister towards the net
- Price had no idea the puck was even coming towards him until Neal made a move to get out of the way
- the only way to stop those is by pure luck that the puck hits you, it just didn't this time, not his fault at all

Goal 4
- another complete screen by Gorges
- you can see Price moving his head over to his left to see if he can find the puck
- Cooke shoots it at the same time and it finds its way through Gorges
- it goes in the right side while Carey is leaning left
- another screened shot, you can't ever fault goalies for allowing those

Goal 5
- Crosby behind the net passes out to a wide open Kunitz in the slot
- Kunitz' perfect one-timer goes in off the far post
- if you call that a bad goal, **** you

Goal 6
- Price is squeezing the post to prevent a short-side tuck-in
- puck squeaks out right to Crosby sneaking in from the blueline
- Crosby completely rips it top-corner on the far-side
- wouldn't call it a bad goal, but that's the first one which was stoppable, it just found its way through somehow

Goal 7
- Sutter got alone in the slot
- Price came far out to challenge him
- Sutter ripped a wicked wrister just inside the post
- that one was stoppable too, but another perfectly placed shot means it's not really a bad goal

- no bad goals
- he had a semblance of a chance on only two of the seven
- completely deflating
- ridiculous to say Price had a bad game
- Pens had a ton of great scoring chances
- Habs were only in it due to Vokoun

And that's all for me tonight.

Goal 1, He over played the pass, but your right, it is very difficult to anticipate those types of things. Im a goalie and I know.. But he moved way to fast on the pass.

Goal 2, That was all crosby but kunitz also saw what crosby saw which was shoot it at price.. I love crosbys vision.

Goal 3, It pretty much went post and in, on a screen.. Not a bad goal. Same with 4.

Goal 5, LOL, Nice snipe but bad vision by price. Good goal

Goal 6, Things happen fast in hockey, As a goaltender, price should have pushed out to the top of crease instead of napping on the post hoping the shot would hit his glove. Yet again im a goalie and those shots are very hard to pick up.

Goal 7, Price is big and took up alot of room but the shooter found a hole, and when price is low in confidence he relies to much on just hoping the puck hits him instead of tracking it and catching it/deflecting/gobbling. I am a goalie and I have been called carey price numerous times in the way both of us play goalie..

Cheers to your post.

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