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03-02-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by mindfly View Post
It's really simple.

Because somewhere, deep inside of me, there is a belief that this franchise could change its identity and be built more like the 90's teams (but of course with a tweak to fit the salary cap world)

I DO NOT like watching losers like cleary and abdelkader ruin pavels last good years
I DO NOT like watching a team where only one player can stand up and defend himself (before this season they didn't have a guy like that permanently on the roster for I don't know how many years
I DO NOT like watching a team build around small, skilled, non-physical european players
I DO NOT like watching the GM keep re-signing old useless guys which are past their primes many years ago

I could go on and on but that would be pointless I think
Then go pick a team to root for that fits all your criteria.

This team is still winning despite all the things this team needs to do. Quit being a little whiney b***h, and think positively for once!

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