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03-03-2013, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
20+ goals in the NHL (and PPG+ in SEL) isn't scoring to you?

Stålberg is a big body with rocket skates, there would be something very wrong with the team selection if he doesn't make it to the Olympics, particularly if he's overlooked in favour for guys like Silfverberg, Krüger and Söderberg. He brings things that the other forwards we have do not. We have plenty of guys with skill, big guys who can grind and pot a few goals? Not so much.

Anyway, I am going to guess that Joel Lundqvist becomes the token SEL player on this team.
You're mad if you pick Viktor ahead of Silfverberg. Aha... you're from Gothenburg! Maybe Kahnberg on the team as well?

Top 5 reasons for having Stålberg on the team:

1. His breakthru season in the professional ranks saw him score every fourth game with the Marlies in 2010.
2. His whopping speed (and being as heavy as Bäckström, the fat *******) made it to the WC team in 2012. 9 games he played and he had great success in one of the games, against Denmark, where he scored twice! He also managed another goal later in the tournament. Not to mention an assist.
3. Blackhawks vs Bluejackets are other games where Stålberg shines.
4. Playing on the best team in the world Stålberg is often used together with Krüger, a player whose skills greatly adds to the skills missing from other players on that line. And as a catalyst to the top line, Stålberg occasionally manage to score in the neighbourhood of what other NHL regulars would do together with Toewes and Kane.
5. He sure is a skating fool.

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