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03-02-2013, 11:39 PM
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Pisanu is a real winger. Finally feels good to have one that knows how to stretch the play, attack the defenders and cross the ball.

Mallace did not play well on the ball. He looked nervous and out of solutions. Without the ball, he played a solid positional/defensive match. Forced one or two bad crosses just with his positionning. So not that bad after all. Schalli doesn't seem too high on Warner. Was on his ass during the pre-season games, I remember him shouting often "Collen! Collen!".

Great team defendinng. Nesta and Ferrari aren't well.. Ferrari's, but they know how to use what they have in their advantage. Camara had a hell of a game. He literally single handedly closed the right side of the field and frustrated 11+40 000 fans.

Set plays also impressed me. Schalli seems to understand that we aren't the tallest team, so is incorporating nice set plays to use at our advantage (Near post flick on's, low balls, etc...)

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