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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
only problem w/ the example is Minnesota owns Houston, the Aeros are a legendary franchise, which is why it's outlasted 2 previous leagues (WHA/IHL); if you remember the deal w/ MSE who is the Wild they own 80%, not all of it, I don't see CGY bailing out of Abbotsford, and since when did we subscribe to the first rumored solution that's presented, the Aeros name isn't owned by the Wild, if Chuck Watson's still involved in the Aeros, that's where that issue lies.... what if Levin buys the Coyotes and moves into the SODO Arena w/ Hansen in Seattle?

it is no guarantee that Levin will even own the Wolves if he's been rumored to be involved around the Coyotes scenario even if Vancouver bails out or elects to move away from the Wolves.

We could see a similar scenario that played out w/ TNSE and Atlanta/Winnipeg/Manitoba/St. John's
Seriously????????????????......................... ...Seriously??????????????

Levin not owning the Wolves? Where'd you hear that juicy nugget? Funny.....A chicago tribune, chicago daily herald, and also a chicago sun-times article....(yes all 3 had articles) Don Levin was quoted as saying he has no intention of selling the Wolves and in fact was recently quoted in a different interview as saying he really would like to own an NHL team so that he'd have more control over players coming to the Wolves. That doesn't sound like a guy looking to get rid of the Wolves.....well maybe on bizzaro world it might.
Believe scenario has a much better chance at playing out before summer than a sale of phx and a move to an arenaless city in Seattle.

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