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03-03-2013, 12:12 AM
Bye Marky :(
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I only saw the second half, here's my thoughts:

-Perkins had good interventions on corners, followed the ball well on the last "cross/shot" and must've said something brilliant to those posts.
-Ferrari and Nesta are super solid.
-Camara was good before getting his bell rung.
-Brovsky: okay. Got owned on that "toilette" and I didn't see him help up front but that's not really his fault since there wasn't a lot of opportunities to do so.
-Bernier was solid, great passing and was the only one with poise in his play.
-Felipe was a bit less visible but I heard he was injured in the first half.
-Arnaud had a good half: beauty goal(wasn't during the second half but...), had that great chance where he hit the crossbar. He also made an unbelievable defense play when he came from behind to tackle Rosales.
-Nyassi was same as usual: brilliant at times, unbelievably dumb the rest of the time.
-Mallace was bad with the bad and in possession. Looked nervous.
-MDV had some terrible first touches and made some bad passes. Looked lazy at times but that's typical Di Vaio.

Also, ref Petrescu is a ****ing disgrace.

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