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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Well it looks like it'll be three of us. I'm not expecting to live right on the beach or anything but I'm not packing up and leaving to live in a **** hole either. A relatively nice place is all.

I need to be able to...

-afford rent
-afford school
-afford a car
-afford to enjoy myself in Southern California without sacrificing much of any of the above

*also, is saying "SoCal" *******?
Getting any financial aid ?

Rent alone is about 1400 a month, Three way split is not bad.

A decent car ? finance or buy ? most car payments are 250 to 350.

Insurance is outrages in LA area....Insurance companies love people under 30, or kids under 25 in LA. They get to charge 1600 dollar premiums for six month policy's. (Maybe have your parents get that car, and insurance for you).

Paying for school will be the least of your worries; it's all the other stuff in California that kills your pocket book.

Look into it more before just jumping in.

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