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Originally Posted by cupforwings09 View Post
Dude, what are you talking about? Look at the standings. Every other team, besides the Hawks, is "barely" winning. I 100% agree that our team can get better, but complaining about everything this team doesn't have is stupid. Every team in the league has flaws. This team is competitive despite our injuries. That says something about this team.

Ducks? Bruins? Habs? Sens? Nucks?

There are a lot of teams that are just flat out better than the Wings. With a record to prove it. Don't even start with the injury crap. So you really think getting Sammy back or putting Carlo on our blue line is going to win us games? The only guy that would make any difference at all is Helm. And every team has injuries. Karlsson, Malkin, Kessler. Big players getting injured all over the place. On teams with better records than us.

Every team has flaws. Some teams have more than others. This Wings team is average at best. Once other teams catch up with our games played, we'll see that the Wings sitting at #13 in the league standings is inflated. They might even be in the lower half of the league.

If you're the Hawks or the Ducks, then complaining seems pretty pointless. You can't have a team of all stars. But if you're the Wings and you're barely making the playoffs at best then there is plenty to address. I'm not going to tell my kids they have nothing to work on when they come home with an F or come in last place. I'm not going to call them losers either but I'll sure as hell encourage them to improve themselves. And when it's not kids but a professional sports team with players making millions of dollars, I'm definitely going to point out things they need to do better.

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