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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I wasn't trying to rank them on their whole body of work. Obviously, Brodeur becomes first if that is the case. I was mostly just taking into account that Brodeur is a million years old.

So that's a wash. Certainly not an area where Price stands out positively in comparison with them. So you then have to look at regular season to rank them.

I'm not saying Price is crap and will never be good. Or that I'd rather have Lundqvist right now. I said people have crowned him as one of the best too soon. He has yet to accomplish anything. Sure most goalies who are better are older. Sure Price's best years are ahead of him. I said that already. I'm not sure what you are arguing here.

Also most of your stats are wrong. Rinne, Lundqvist have better save%.
the stats are from you can argue with them or perhaps they didn't update after tonights 7 goal fiasco (and in any case, point remains that statistically you're 3 "elite" goalies aren't "CLEARLY" ahead of Price, leaving subjective interpretation, and this with minimal -if any?- actual watching of those other goalies performing this year... correct?)

My point has been, and remains, that Price is a fantastic asset to have. However one chooses to "rank" the position, he is one of the best players to have pencilled in as a starting goaltender.

Wether you want to call him "elite" or not, wether you want to nitpick over top-3-4-5-6 et. based on whatever parameters make sense to you, makes no difference to me.

i completely disagree that he's one of many in a 2nd tier of goaltenders as you stated above.

if you want to use past performances as a criteria... fine, but to that I say give me the kid who is close and 25 & the odds that he will be doing as much or better in 3-4-5 years time, without hesitation (which also makes the elevation of quick problematic, b/c his one playoff run is the only thing in his corner, but if that is the "weight" by which he is elevated above price, then you need to have Brodeur ahead of everyone given his resume... and if age is an issue, then Ward & Fleury both jump ahead of Rinne/Lundqvist given their playoff success).

Elevating Rinne-Lundqvist-Quick above the next "5-10" and lumping Price in that 2nd group doesn't really hold much ground unless you cherry pick "vezina voting in the past 2-4 seasons" as the main measuring stick.

Quick has been very pedestrian this year (both statistically and in the bits i've seen of him), no way to make a strong argument that he is 'CLEARLY' ahead of Price right now. And lundqvist I can definitively say has not been better. I see a lot of him, and he's been very ordinary this year.

This year, Price is winning. He hasn't been dominant, nor needed to be, as consistently or as often as any of us would "like", but he also rarely loses a start.

His win total may be a reflection of his games played, fine, but you have to go down 20 goalies before finding another goalie with as few losses in regulation (17 if you count OTL's as well).

"Franchise" goalies need to win. Price is doing that as well or better than anyone in the league right now.

I don't really care either way, where people want to "rank" him... I just find it funny that people can be so convinced that he fits neatly into some ranking or box they've randomly/subjectively created, and then try to pass that off as some "Clear" analysis... it's anything but.

don't think Price is worthy of being called "elite", fine... argue that there is an "elite" group of goaltenders playing well above his level right now, or likely to do so in the near-mid range future? I disagree and have yet to see anything remotely convincing to back that up.

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