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Originally Posted by Knight View Post
Alright, so over a year ago I gambled on hockeymonkey's mystery stick pack. I received an 85 flex RBK 8.0.8 Hamrlik curve and a 100 Flex Warrior Bandito Kovalev curve, and I've been using the RBK pretty much the whole time with the Warrior as my back up. I stayed away from the Warrior because I knew that the 100 flex would be pretty useless with my twig-like arms (I'm 6' 165).

Anyways, last night at pickup, I decided to use the Warrior for giggles now that I have a lot more hockey experience under my belt, and I was able to wrist the puck way harder than the RBK, and lift it easier too. The thing is, the stick is still stiff as a board, and trying to take slappers was pretty hilarious. I wasn't expecting the huge difference between the Hamrlik and Kovalev curve.

So now I'm thinking, why don't I just get a Warrior 75 (? I think I would really benefit from a whippier stick even though I have pretty much zero experience with them) flex Kovalev stick, sell the old one, and keep the RBK as my backup. Oh and I also love the Nipple Grip too.

Anyone have any warrior stick recommendations?
I'd say you're on the right track. I'm 6' 155/160 myself, and you will not regret a 75 flex. Just make sure however Warrior isn't a lowflex brand (eg,maybe their 75 is more like a 70). The others with more equipment experience than me can weigh in on that part.

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