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03-03-2013, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by The Perfect Paradox View Post
I agree, but even if you the slightest bit of self-worth, that should easily be repressed.

Stability could be great if you still retain your ability to open your mouth when there is something going on in the relationship that you dislike. I may sound pessimistic, but the reason why I (partly) agree with your post is because I doubt the ability of the common person to speak up when it comes to relationship issues. It's hard to speak up about situations when feelings of 'love' can make even the worse of issues seem tolerable.
I agree, but once you find the right person saying something that's on your mind is super easy. Me and my wife-to-be are really open about anything that bothers us, not that anything really does come up, but when it does, we talk about it. There's never any issues, we never fight, and If you find the right girl things like that shouldn't be a huge problem.

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