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03-03-2013, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
It can be very risky for a team going as good as Boston to make a shakeup trade but I think this one might make sense for 'us.' Im a Bruin's fan. I live in Edmonton and understand the Oilers needs too so I think this one works for the Oilers too. Here is the proposal and I'll offer a defense to it after.

Ales Hemsky {Edmonton picks up half his cap hit}
Magnus Paajarvi
Ladislav Smid

Nathan Horton {sign and trade}
Andrew Ference {sign and trade}
Boston's first round pick

So it's a big six player proposal and involves 3 impending UFA and also some cap hit too. Here is why I think it makes sense.

First for my Bruins. Horton/Ference were both part of the cup team but both guys are impending UFA and Boston has a cap issue looming for next season. I think Smid is a better dman than Ference and might only be a rental but Boston needs a top 4 guy for this year's playoff run. A rental is ok. Losing Horton does decrease Boston's size/grit but they have more then they need. They can afford to lose Horton. Hemsky isnt my favorite player in the world by far. But he does have good chemistry with Krecji. Sometimes Boston can't score enough 'easy' goals. I have a theory that Hemsky joining Krecji and Lucic would repersent a more offensively intimidating first line than Horton on the line does. Seguin/Bergeron/Marchand is probably the best second line in hockey. Kelly/Peverly are two thirds of a very competitive third line. Boston probably has the best fourth line in hockey. So shifting the dynamics on the first line adding Hemsky's skill to it does appeal to me even if he himself as a 'winner' does not. Then finally comes Paajarvi. The kid needs a change of address. He is buried way too far behind Hall/Eberle/Hopkins/Gagne/Yakubov to ever get a fair chance in Edmonton. Boston can give him a tryout right away on the third line with Kelly/Peverly and hope for the best.

As for Edmonton I guess most of the benefits are self explanatory. Hemsky is almost addition by subtraction at this point. He is too associated with the losing. The kids will have an easier time becoming the goto leaders on the team if Hemsky/Horcorff are removed from the picture. There is only 1 puck to go around and Eberle/Yakubov are both undersized super skilled RW that need to play on the top 3 lines. A big bull like Horton would complement the team more then a guy like Hemsky would. Moving on, Ference isnt as good a dman as Smid is BUT he is an alberta/edmonton area guy that liked playing in Calgary earlier in his career. He reeks leadership. He has winning pedigree. He plays team tough hockey. He really is what Edmonton needs to help upgrade their defense. Getting a first round pick to redo the Paajarvi draft doesnt really hurt. Paajarvi will only lose value the longer you keep him in bad situation and he isnt worth more then a late first right now already.

Keep in mind that this deal ONLY makes sense if Edmonton is getting both Horton/Ference signed for the future. I think Ference would be alot more affordable to resign then Smid will be. I think Horton might be more affordable then Hemsky. I think Edmonton stands to save some cap room.

This is a proposal where both teams deal from strength. Boston sacraficing some leadership/grit but gaining skill. Edmonton obviously sacraficing skill but gaining leadership/grit.

So that's it. We all make these proposals wondering what others think so I turn this over to you now. Thanks for reading.
Although i think Hemsky would do well in boston or Pittsburg, the Bruins get screwed in this one.

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