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03-03-2013, 01:38 AM
Sam Pollock
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
If you want Conroy to have to consult the owners for every move, what's the point in firing Jay? Burke has a proven track record and Weisbrod seems to have an eye for talent and is a hard worker. I'd be happy with either of these guys.

I'm a little less pissed today, but regardless nothing changes my views that Feaster should of called into the NHL before making this deal. That was an enormous miss by the Flames. I don't think he's gonna be fired, but I know that his life line just got cut by about 75%. If the Flames miss the playoffs this year, I think Jay is a goner.
Isn't Feaster have to report to owners on every move as it stands now? If you had a mult million dollar business and had a manager almost made a mistake as bad as Feaster did, you wouldn't want to keep him on a short leash? It's not really rocket science.

As for Burke, one Stanley Cup win is a proven record? Doesn't Jay have that as well? Does Darryl Sutter count now because he won a cup last year? Why are people fixated on another egomaniac like Burke. I said it before and I will say it again, he is no better than Sutter was and do you really want to go through that again.?

Do you not realise that Toronto let go of Burke for a reason? Personality clash mostly but he had a lot of years to fix the Leafs and stuck with Wilson. If he had Carlyle a year or two earlier then he might still be with the team (yes I understand Carlyle wasn't available a year or two earlier but its who they needed behind the bench until the players tune him out like they did Wilson).

I pick Jim Nill because of his pedigree from Detroit. Hopefully some of Devellano has rubbed off on him. Detroit hasn't missed the playoffs for the last 21 years and only twice have they been out of it in the last 28 seasons. We need someone who comes from a winning traditon. That's how the rebuild begins. That an ownership like Ilitch helps alot.

Burke has been a gm for he's done it for 15 seasons not including this year. His teams (Hartford, Vancouver, Anaheim and Toronto) have only made the playoffs 7 times with one Stanley Cup win.

I don't understand the obession people have with Burke. Explain it to me please. What's next? Don Cherry as our head coach?

As for Feaster, you are 100% right that he's not getting fired. It would be an omission by ownership that they made yet another mistake. I think you will hear the word rebuild before he's dismissed.

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