Thread: Prospect Info: Jonas Brodin (Part III)
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03-03-2013, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Beegoalie View Post
You have Mikael Granlund behind Zucker and Coyle??

maybe just because you said 2 years down the road but Granlund is a 60+ point center man within 2-4 years. Zucker and Coyle never touch 60 points. Zucker will be like Setoguchi scoring 20-25 and Coyle somewhere around 40-50 points.

Just because Granlund hasn't hit his stride yet doesn't mean he isn't going to find it.

Marian Gaborik had 36 points his rookie season. Mikko Koivu had 21.. Pierre Marc Bouchard had 20.

Im confused what Coyle has done for you to move him above Granlund..and to say his upside is higher than Mikael's??


"Isn't it obvious...Coyle is on the first line. Granlund got scratched."


It doesn't matter that Granlund has out produced Coyle easily at every level they hve played including the pros.

Coyle has done nothing except kill the momentum the top line had. Parise/Koivu have had ZERO success with Coyle.

I love Coyle, but he is not ready. He shows flashes of areas where he can really help this team. Yes, he's a big body. No he doesn't use it well. Granlund hits more than he does. Easy. Coyle flashes good board work....however he always seems to fall/cough it up/mess up good plays he's made. He'll protect it from two guys only to fall or over skate the puck or something.

The dude, has what 1 goal?? I think Coyle's going to be a solid player. Maybe he will end up being the better player between Granlund and Coyle.

At the very least it's pretty ridiculous to say that he's for sure looked better than Granlund just because he's been handed top line minutes from the get-go, while Granlund's having to work his ass off for a single shift.

You can in no no able to determine that Coyle is a better player based on there tenure's in the pros alone...let alone their track record before the reached the pros. (Granlund destroyed Coyle points wise in the AHL too. More points in the NHL even.)

Granlund had way more hype. Too much hype? Maybe. Probably. Should we have probably realized that Granlund...with the type of game he plays, his size, his lack of elite speed (he's average to above average I would say though. Definitely not slow), and lack of strength, and even lack of chemistry with his injury...would take time to adjust to the NHL? Yes, that's something that can be debated.

At this point in their respective careers it's a disgrace to Granlund and his whole lifes body of work and the kids attitude to say that Coyle is the better player.

EDIT---Brodin however. I'm willing to say Brodin could be the best out of all of these guys. Baaaacon.

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