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Originally Posted by Rick Rypien Farts View Post
To his defense, Grimaldi made the most of a comeback season. He's fresh off an injury that cost him a whole season. ND's coach bounced him around the lineup a lot. I think Rocco played anywhere from the 3rd to the 1st line at different times. He scored a few big goals and looks impressive on the powerplay. Let's see what happens when the big guns leave the team. ND is going to look much different without Knight and Kristo. Hopefully, Grimaldi can step his game up to the next level and carry the team next season.
I'm not saying he hasn't had a great season, in fact that is what I said. I just think Matheson has been more impressive, and has better physical tools as well. I'm sure once Knight and Kristo are gone, he'll score even more next season. That is not the point though. As I am sure Matheson will continue to gain more of his coaches' trust. They both play on stacked teams so I don't see the point in saying Grimaldi is buried in depth. He has gotten a lot of time on the 1st line this season too.

Originally Posted by Dr Beinfest View Post
Nowhere near? He's among one of the leading scorers for freshmen. I never said he was going to be considered for the Hobey Baker this season, but he isn't too far from that picture and will be a sure consideration at least once if not multiple times in his college hockey career.

Corban Knight is having a much better season because Corban Knight is a 22 year old senior. He's a rising prospect. At Grimaldi's age he was producing half as much.

I don't mean to shortchange Matheson -- I'll be honest I don't know anything about him. I'm glad to hear good things though.

With what you've said about Grimaldi's boom-bust potential, I completely agree. But when it comes to ranking prospects, I wouldn't rank them by how safe they are. I would rank them by their overall potential. Semantics, I guess.
He's among the scoring leaders for freshman, so that makes him near Hobey Baker material? There are guys in the top 10 in NCAA scoring that aren't near Hobey Baker material. Grimaldi doesn't get points for being young. When he is actually putting up the required stats and performing at a Hobey Baker level, then I will say he's Hobey Baker material or close to it.

Potential is one thing, but you also have to take into account performance and also where you project them in 5 years time(when they would be in the NHL). After all, that's what this is all about. Grimaldi's boom-bust factor means there is considerable risk there that isn't there with some of our other prospects. I don't mean to rain on Grimaldi's parade, but that's just life. Some of our other top prospects are more likely to be NHL players.

Originally Posted by JPG View Post
Not to nitpick, but there's been a sizeable contingent of people calling for Knight to get the Hobey Baker this season. Also, as shown here, he is in the lead by quite alot in fanvoting for the award. You said he wasn't even in the conversation, just fixing for you a little
Touche, but I've been hearing all season that Knight's chances of winning the Hobey are pretty outside. As it sits right now, he is 4th in the nation in scoring and even behind his own linemate Kristo in PPG. True, he plays a more all-around game than Kristo, but I'm just illustrating that he is far from holding the best chair at the table. I think Greg Carey and Ryan Walters have the best shot at it, they both have a 4 point lead on Knight with the season winding down, and they are both juniors while Knight is a senior. Meanwhile, Gaudreau is right there as well and he's only a sophomore. And you also have to factor in the two outstanding goalies, Chubak and Hartzell. Knight certainly has a chance, but I would think a slim one. You never know what's going to happen though.

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