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Originally Posted by Emperoreddy View Post
As far as yesterday goes I agree. Two of the three goals were very stoppable, and people can harp on the offense, and in many of the recent losses rightfully so, but 3 goals should be enough and Moose needs to make some of those saves. Also he was awful in the SO. Marty is one of the last few pieces that will click us back into the win column.

That said as much it sucks we lost, this game was another step in the right direction. I get the frustration with all the loses, but forest through the trees here we are starting to get back to what we were doing.

PK looked really good today, back to the power kill we know it can be.

CBGB looked good, and continue to prove how important they are for this team to be at the next level.

Loki continues to show he was a damn steal for a 5th rounder. We would of never drafted anything as good as him with that pick. In fact shockingly him and Matteau played well on that line, if anything Kovy didn't have his best game. I look forward to seeing Loki in this lineup when everything else starts humming again.

Henrique's shorty!!!! We need his great hands to get back on target and hopefully that goal will be the slump breaker for him.

I liked Clarkson today, he looked better then the last game, that line overall was creating chances and looking fired up. In fact all of the top 3 lines were cycling well. D wasn't terrible either.

Bad things, the finishing is still not quite where it needed to be, and it falls mostly on Zajac. Again he was on the doorstep multiple times and could not elevate the puck at all. We could of won 5-3 if he was on his game right now. His overall game is good, but he needs to finish. Want to see Elias and Clarkson back on the score sheet too. Kovy looks a bit snake bitten as well and that needs to change.

I like him, and wanted him to work but it is becoming clearer that Butler is the weakest link right now. That line could be strong, but Butler isn't cutting it and that is where Lou needs to work some magic and get a replacement in. IF Matteau can play like he did the past two games I don't mind using him until Zubs returns, but Butler seriously needs to either step up or get out.

Moose needs to sit pronto. He looked soft as hell again today, was slow getting from post to post and was small as hell on two of those goals. He needs to stop one of those, just no excuse really. I get how some people love him so much they refuse to blame him for anything, but he has been hurting us lately and has definitely helped extend this losing streak further then it should of gone. Last two games are falling on him more. Also good god he was terrible in the SO, way to easy for them.

Power play needs to get its act together. Jesus it looks bad right now.

So overall Carter returns and proves his and CBGB's worth. Loki continues to impress. Rico hopefully is getting back to normal, and overall we are starting to play better. Still PP sucks and we are seriously missing Marty, though understood as any team would miss their starting goaltender for a few games. Get Marty and his puck handling back and we should be ok.

Also the Refs were god awful. How you miss Kovy getting clearly cross-checked, but then call complete ******** in OT is beyond me. We all rag on Zids taking stupid penalties, and rightfully so, but he didn't do anything wrong in OT. Thank the refs for guaranteeing that went to a shootout.

And yes it is Moose's fault in the shootout Bleed. Even if Kovy and Henrique scored, Miller was eventually going to stop one because he was playing everyone correctly. Moose looked like a hot mess and if it went 3 or 4 rounds he would of let up 3 or 4 goals. He came out way to far and stayed out way to far on both shooters and made no adjustments. We weren't winning that shootout with Moose today. Sorry but that is the truth.
A sane, rational post. Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

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