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03-03-2013, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Emperoreddy View Post
Ya we killed it, but most times no matter how good a PK a team isn't going to kill a 4 on 3, its just insanely hard. Plus even if you do because OT is so short there is very little time after the kill to turn it around and win. Yes it can happen, but odds are it won't thus you get a shootout which I think most would agree win or lose is a damn crapshoot half the time. I didn't like it last year when we won a ton of them and I don't like them now.

Ya the call on Ehrhoff was terrible too, but a bad call at that point in the game is a lot easier to recover from then one in OT, that is all I am saying. Either way you are right as it totally killed the flow of the game. I honestly hated all the PPs we got, felt like with the flow we had we could of won in regulation if we were allowed to play instead of having to stop because of bad calls.
Good post. Agree with everything here. Hate shootouts myself, and definitely easier to recover from a call at the time in the game of Ehrhoff's penalty versus Marek's. I hate when officiating has a bearing on the outcome of a hockey game; yesterday afternoon was just a poor reflection on the league IMO.

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